Attendance System

A necessity for any company is to ensure they have an accurate attendance management system. This is crucial to cut down on human error and costs. Nextcom attendance system ensure high quality devices and software design for this purpose.

Attendance system can work standalone, configure with office database server or with our secure cloud database server.

Attendance system use MS SQL Server database so it can be easily integrated with payroll system.

  Meeting room schedule display system

Meeting room display is a fully automatic meeting room manager which is placed outside your meeting room and shows if the room is occupied or free. When the room is free you can book it instantly. Display room manager also upcoming meeting during same day.

  Student and Teacher Biometric Attendance System

Automate attendance management process to generate customized reports, notify parents about late arrival, and earlier leave and absence by email and SMS.

Student ID card & Fingerprint Biometrics Time and Attendance system is built around a highly secure system which allows you to track students by swiping their ID cards or using fingerprint biometrics system to input student data automatically as they enter into the school.

  Patient Biometric Registration System

The main motivation for adopting the system was to find a way to fix the hospital network’s record duplication issue, which arose from Atlantic Health System’s practice of creating a new record for every visit from a patient. That process also created a lot of paperwork, and took a certain amount of administrative time too.

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