Student and Teacher Biometric Attendance System

Automate attendance management process to generate customized reports, notify parents about late arrival, and earlier leave and absence by email and SMS.

Student ID card & Fingerprint Biometrics Time and Attendance system is built around a highly secure system which allows you to track students by swiping their ID cards or using fingerprint biometrics system to input student data automatically as they enter into the school.

• Unlimited student and teachers’ enrollment.
• Unlimited attendance logs record.
• Automatically send SMS and Email notification to parents in case absent, late and
   early leave.
• Print attendance, absent and late daily, weekly and monthly reports.
• Parents can view/print attendance, absent, late and early leave (daily, weekly and
   monthly) reports online from anywhere using Internet (Laptop or Smartphone).
• Teachers’ can view real-time student attendance using Smartphone or laptop.
• Manage student and teachers’ leaves.
• Multi campus centralized data.
• 7 inch big screen, display student, teacher photo, id, name, time In/Out.
• Multi campus centralized data.
• Customize as per requirement.
• Parents can print or view daily, weekly and montly attendance report from