Meeting Schedule Display

Cloud based Meeting Schedule Display is a fully automatic meeting schedule display which is placed outside your meeting room and shows if the room is occupied or free, Your meeting details are processed in the cloud.

Book-room-now feature in Meeting Room Schedule display allows you to book a free room in few seconds.

Employees and visitors can arrange meetings in an efficient way, and avoid double-booking.


     Android / Windows 10 app.

     Android Mobile phone user can track runtime meeting schedules

     Install on Android tablet to display outside meeting room

     Send email notification to person or group to notify meeting scheduled.

     Whitelabel options for resellers.

     Free 15 day trial

Get started in less than 5 minutes:

     Create your free trial account at

     Create meeting schedule.

     Install app at your Android device or computer.

     App will automatically sync with cloud in few seconds.

     App dsplay coming up and ongong meeting events.

What is the required infrastructure:

     Devices must be internet connected either Ethernet or WiFi.

     Devices need electric power. POE is a great option if your device supports.

     Display on landscape or portrait.